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иногда я все-таки читаю фики.

He was up and out of the room before Tony had even finished his sentence, and halfway across the communal living room before he heard the man yell again.

"Steve, wait up just a second!"

Sighing heavily, he forced himself to stop in the corridor - hand just a few inches from hitting the button for his floor on the elevator - and plastered the best fake smile he could manage onto his face as he turned back around.

"Hey, Tony, what’s up?" he asked, trying for light and happy, but even he was aware of how flat it fell. "Shouldn’t you be back in there with your friends?"

Because that’s what this was about, really. Yeah, sure, he physically ached to see Tony as close and comfortable with someone who wasn’t him, but - more than that - he couldn’t shake off the feeling that the genius had moved on and found himself a new group of friends - a group that Steve had no place in.

That, more than anything, cut him the deepest.

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